Local initiative which supports the wider “Buy Local” campaign

We have recently created a new online directory for Earlsfield in Wandsworth, called Earlsfield Local  with the purpose of  encouraging the local residents to support the  local businesses and help to strengthen their  community by buying local products and services.

When people buy from local businesses they make a significant contribution to the local economy.  More jobs will be created locally, the community will prosper, and people will be more connected than ever to their own area.

When people buy a product from a local shop or use a local service business, they not only support the local economy, but they also support their neighbours.  How? They get to meet the local business owners, they help them and their businesses to survive,  they help to feed their families, pay their bills and put a roof over their head.

The Earlsfield Local Business Directory is meant to be a hub of information about and for the local area, as it  contains not only information about local businesses but also local news, events and resources which hopefully will raise Earlsfield’s profile as a desirable place to live, work and socialise. Located in a quiet corner of Wandsworth, Earlsfield was overlooked for many years in favour of its more celebrated neighbours, Wimbledon, Tooting and Clapham. However, Earlsfield has been catching up over the past few years and is now perceived to be a vibrant and trendy place.

The directory allows people to search for local businesses, submit their own business listing, communicate with other businesses by sending them messages and comments, rate businesses and share information about the local area.

The directory is open to all the local businesses irrespective of type and size. However, micro business entities such as independent traders, freelancers and start ups are particularly encouraged to join especially if they do not appear on Google maps nor have a website to promote themselves. They need the most help to get their businesses established locally and increase their profile.


The main feature of the directory is that all of the businesses listed in it are genuinely local, as they are vetted by the admin to ensure that they are registered and operate in the local area. Therefore, buying from the businesses in the directory truly helps the local economy flourish.

Another useful feature is that there are no arbitrary adverts being displayed, nor are there any annoying pop ups jumping all over the place. The directory has been designed to be user friendly, easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing.


Standard registration for the directory is free for all but there are also a few options for premium listings for a small charge.

In conclusion, all local people are encouraged to use the directory either for local searches or to advertise their businesses to support the local economy and strengthen their local community!

The directory is also twinned with a local Facebook Group called Earlsfield Local  which enables the local residents to share information about various aspects of local life such as  changes to the high street, development proposals, local events, new businesses, charity fundraising efforts, lost and found property, missing pets etc.